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Wonderfull rocks in Tsonevo Reservoir

Tsonevo Reservoir is a reservoir located in the valley of the Luda Kamchia River, 1 km from the village of Tsonevo.

The picturesque bed of the reservoir and the forested hills around it attract many tourists and offer great recreation possibilities.

Luda Kamchiya rises from the Balkan Mountains in the area of Sliven, then flows between two arms of the mountains before crossing through the Luda Kamchiya Gorge and flowing into northern Bulgaria, joining Golyama Kamchiya near Dalgopol to form the Kamchiya river.

The river valley provides an important route between Northern and Southern Bulgaria, with a major railway line following the course of the river. There are also two significant reservoirs build on Luda Kamchiya: Kamchiya and Tsonevo.

The Kamchiya is a 244.5 km long river in eastern Bulgaria, the longest river on the Balkan Peninsula to flow directly into the Black Sea. It starts from the confluence of two rivers springing from Eastern Stara Planina, Golyama Kamchiya (itself formed by the confluence of the rivers Ticha and Vrana) and Luda Kamchiya, flows eastward to the Black Sea and empties into it 25 km south of Varna, in the Resort of Kamchiya.

Tsonevo reservoir ranks third in size in Bulgaria with water service of 17300 decameters. Its old name was Georgi Traikov. It has warm waters, and is used for water supply and irrigation.

The reservoir is rich in fish such as bream, perch, rudd, and seat-fish. There are opportunities for fishing. At Tsonevo reservoir there are bungalows, and private lodgings are offered in the adjacent villages of Tsonevo and Asparuhovo. At the latter, an ethnographical complex, Ovchaga, opened in 2006.

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