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Stac Lee

Stac Lee (Scottish Gaelic: Stac Lì) is a sea stack in the St Kilda group, Scotland. An island Marilyn, it is home to part of the world's largest colony of Northern Gannet.

Martin Martin called the island "Stac-Ly" other sources call it "Stac Lii."

Stac Lee is located in the North Atlantic and forms part of the St Kilda archipelago of the Outer Hebrides. Lying in the north east of the St Kilda group, Stac Lee is around 7 km (4 mi) north east of Hirta, the main island, and 550 m (600 yards) west of the west cape of the island of Boreray.

Administratively, Stac Lee is part of the Na h-Eileanan Siar.

Stac Lee is a precipitous sea stack, i.e. a detached escarpment, 172 metres (564 ft) high.[3] Other sources give an altitude of 165 metres (541 ft),[4] or 220 metres (722 ft) above the sea bed.[citation needed] Having a prominence greater than 150 metres (492 ft), it is a Marilyn.

The nearby Stac an Armin reaches 196 metres (643 ft), making them the highest sea stacks in Britain.
[gmap zoom=13 |center=57.86886216775731,-8.493118286132812 |width=600px |height=600px |control=Small |type=Satellite]
Seen from the south, the rock appears as an imposing cliff as broad as high, while from the west it has the aspect of a thin needle with a top bevelled at an angle of 45°. The most impressive view is that obtained from the south-east, from where Stac Lee looks like a giant hook.

St Kilda has the world's largest colony of Northern Gannet, with an estimated 60,000 breeding pairs on Boreray, Stac an Armin and Stac Lee.[6] An estimated six thousand pairs nest on Stac Lee, their droppings turning the island white.[citation needed]

A small bothy on Stac Lee was formerly used by St Kildan fowlers. It is big enough to accommodate two people and is dry inside. The St Kildans would land here by lassoing an iron peg, and then jumping when the swell rose up.