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The Dnister Canyon

The Dnister Canyon is a majestic and fascinating natural kingdom in stark contrast with the calm terrain of the Pre-Carpathian and Podillia regions which the Canyon separates. Breathtaking steep hills closing on the river are old enough to remember the Paleozoic events. Contemporary wildlife, which the man has ousted from the planes, has found its last refuge here.

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The place is home to a great number of natural treasures - the habitats of rare species, the nooks and crannies for animals and birds, abundant springs, hidden paths, oddly shaped cliffs and underground labyrinths…

To protect these treasures, the Dnister Canyon National Nature Park with the territory of over 10,000 ha was created in 2010 in Ternopil Region of Ukraine.

Rocks of various origins make the Park really special. They have lived through all geological and biological eras, witnessing the stunning evolutionary events over the past 420 million years.

The Park takes pride in its travertine rocks - unique and relatively young geological formations with mysterious caves and grottos, often covered with moss and algae.

The Dniester Canyon attracts thousands of water tourists each year.

Alloy on the Dniester river is one of the most interesting trips in Ukraine. Picturesque landscapes include steep rocky or forest banks of 200 m high, unique travertine rocks and geological removed layers, caves and grottoes, waterfalls, islands, monuments of nature, history, architecture, ethnography.