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Odessa, Lviv or the Crimea

Odessa, Lviv or the Crimea

These are the first cities where we visited together with my husband, before and after the wedding.

In August we spent 5 days in Odessa. Wonderful rest, the ancient center, long sandy beaches and hour walks in the mornings along the water's edge (there is no such thing in the Crimea).

After the wedding, the second week of October went to Lviv, there just ended the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the city, but there were still hanging garlands and a sense of celebration. Who there said that 5 days in one Lviv a lot, it's very small. We were lucky with the weather, as in October, it was very warm, we went to the Striysky Park, admired the swans, walked around the center, it seems to me that a lot has remained undiscovered. We were very lucky that our husband's colleague showed us a lot and told us about the city. In the evenings - in the organ hall, and the drama theater. And on the last day, the number of the 17th, it became very cold, that's when I felt what a kvarnya and zukernya really is, when it's raining outside, and you have hot chocolate in a cup.
We also had a week in Sevastopol, also in the summer. Again, my husband's colleague told us about his beloved city (my husband works in a bank - the connection between cities is very well developed, and because of his mutual love for football, practically in all cities there are friends who fortunately turn out to be true patriots of their city, They told us a lot of interesting things and showed).

Now my pink dream, or blue - a new year in Yalta. The problem is that the husband of the DR - on January 1, and without a huge gathering of relatives, he does not. But I still get to the new year in Yalta and it will be great!

My brother and daughter-in-law received a gift for the wedding - 10 days in western Ukraine, my brother says, barely survived boredom. Those. You need to choose a place to rest on an amateur. For me it's only the sea, at any time of the year.